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A Year of Education for 40+ Children with Lakshyam NGO

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Over €5000 and a year of education for more than 40 children… Thanks to your generous support!!! 🙏 These cards are by the children. ❤️📚

“In India, 35.2% of people living in Urban Areas reside in slums that are overpopulated, have lack of adequate water supply, sanitation, and security. Children of these slum dwellers often do not get access to basic education and instead have to start working to support their families.”

@lakshyamngo empowers women and children through education and employment by implementing models of development tailored to the needs of the community.

In Ireland, we are fortunate to have a strong education system with every child aged 6+ attending school. Elsewhere, there are sadly children working to support their families from extremely young ages.

This summer, I visited @lakshyamngo school in the slums of Delhi and witnessed the tremendous work they are doing. I fell in love with the children and was in awe hearing their stories… They have had to overcome so much adversity just for the chance to be in a classroom.

My time with them compelled me to do something small to help; raising awareness through my platform and setting a small fundraiser in the hopes of helping a few children…

Through your kind shares and generous donations, I am pleased to say that together we can give the gift of education to 40+ children!!

Having spent time with the amazing founder @raashi_anand, as well as teachers and students, I know this will make a significant impact on the work they can do.

The proceeds will go directly to Lakshyam so more children can access education (many for the first time), opening opportunities to transform their lives.

Every child deserves an environment that nurtures their potential.

@lakshyamngo is a great example of what can be done with a committed team and tangible systems for change. I am so looking forward to visiting them again in the very near future. ❤️

I would like to thank you from my heart! I am so grateful to those of you that took the time to learn more and donate…

If you would like to support, the link is still active. Click to support. 📚🙏

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