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Hey loves,

Happy hump day, I hope this gives you a midweek smile!

Recently, I was looking through old photos and stumbled upon some *iconic* throwbacks to my younger blogging days. I thought it would be fun to share them with you, reflect on where it all started for me, and how it was the catalyst behind where my life is at now.

It is so crazy to be reminded of my style back then. Pictures really do speak a thousand words! I feel transported back to those moments instantly as I reflect on the images.

At a fashion event
2 images from a typical post of mine

The hair style was definitely a unique one, it ended up becoming my 'signature' look. At the time, so many people used to question me how I did the hairstyle, lol. I don't think I will be reverting to that again any time soon...

So many people have reservations about becoming more visible online (which I completely understand and experienced myself), but starting my blog was one of the most important decisions I have ever made. I really believe I would be in an entirely different place right now had I not put myself out of my comfort zone, sharing my experiences and passion for fashion.

My fashion blog was the springboard for my career, it is insane to think about how I had no idea the opportunity and experiences a little fashion blog could lead to.

As you can see, 'hair flip' shots were a great favourite of mine! Maybe they should make a return to my Instagram ;)

Have you ever considered starting a blog? Do you already 'document' your life or passions online? Maybe it's through Instagram, Facebook, or another platform. I'd really love to know.

It certainly has its pros and cons, but one of the best things about it is, it's 'diary' effect on my life. I really appreciate having so many of my favorite moments documented that I can look back on forever (and recognise how my style has *thankfully* developed, haha).

Hope you enjoy a look into the past, and if you'd like me to share more around personal branding or how to turn your passion/skillset into a business, let me know.

Until next time, HK xoxox

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