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Returning to my Roots

A brand new blog for a whole new chapter. Welcome to my new home online!

I'd like to rewind for a moment to reflect. 12 years ago, 13 year old me discovered an amazing thing: blogging! That was the catalyst for everything I do now, and signified the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

Back then, it was as popular as Instagram is today. I created ‘Hannah’s Fashion Blog’, a site where I talked fashion & lifestyle, which soon evolved to include all of my other passions! I worked so hard and poured so much time, heart and energy into this hobby, enjoying every single second of it. Eventually, after a solid grind at it, I got my first brand deal! I was elated. I had never realised the opportunities the online world had to offer, and to work with brands I loved was the cherry on top.

‘Hannah’s Fashion Blog’ eventually metamorphosed into the more mature ‘Hawk Eye View’. I travelled abroad to events, including London Fashion Week, met amazing people in the industry and ended up winning Best Fashion Blog 2017 at the V by Very Blog Awards Ireland. With over 5000 blogs having entered, it was such an honour to win and for me, it was the highlight of my entire blogging journey.

Long story short, blogging opened an unfamiliar world to me. One full of opportunity!

I started using the skills I had developed blogging in other niches, and began immersing myself in other areas of online marketing. I began working less in the areas of beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and more in helping others create a strong presence for their business online. I found myself approached by businesses and entrepreneurs asking for help in building their online presence and developing their brand, and loved the opportunity to explore how my skillset could help them evolved their vision. As I got more into the business side of things, ‘Hawk Eye View’, died a slow death, which is a little sad looking back on it.

Today, I sit here writing this recognising how things have come full circle. I am back, with a plan to merge all the different areas of my life into one dedicated online platform showcasing and documenting each distinct aspect of my life, career and all of the things I love. I hope it can become a source of inspiration, advice and a relaxed atmosphere sharing smiles!

I am looking forward to documenting my experiences and the memories I am accumulating as the days go by.

Stay tuned <3




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