Making Moves in Music

Let’s talk about passions... The excitement you feel about them, and the fire in your belly they ignite! There is nothing better than feeling truly passionate about something. Whether it be a hobby, or something you hope to carve a career in. No matter your age or lifestyle, I believe you should ALWAYS have things, and be doing things that you are passionate about.

I am very fortunate that I feel extremely passionate about multiple things. It is an absolute blessing. However, it has been clear from a very young age the one thing that brought me the most joy. That is, singing.

Since a baby, music has just been my thing! It has been my creative outlet for as long I can remember.

My parents are absolute superstars and have always supported me when pursuing any musical areas, they brought me to countless talent shows and auditions when I was younger and I will always be grateful for them.

Now, obviously I have my ‘day job’, which is as Brand Specialist & Founder of iGen Creative, a brand agency dedicated to building brands that matter. However, my music is still going, and it still brings me such a thrill to be able to share some very exciting news!!!

First of all, I am signing with a music manager! It's almost at the final legal stages and I am so ready to begin this new chapter. We've been working together in other regards for almost a year now, and gel so well, we both felt it was the ideal fit! I really believe she will have a massive impact on my music progress, and can't wait to begin making things happen together.

Secondly, there is another single in the pipeline. Finally!! I released ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, my debut single, back in March. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 situation, a lot of in person performances and events had to be canceled. However, with that being said, the next single will be coming soon and I'm really look forward to documenting the journey of developing it with you.

Here is the link for ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, in case you missed it: Click here. Every stream counts <3

Lots, lots, lots to come!



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