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Hey loves!

Welcome back to my online diary! Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about self improvement and accountability.

Each new year brings with it new resolutions, and this year for me was no different. However, how we implement and maintain these intended goals is something that’s been playing on my mind a lot recently. I realise how easy it can be to prioritise other things (it has often been work for me) and let certain healthy habits slip away into the abyss. For example, one lie in may become a week of lie ins, or in my case, one missed workout could lead to a week of missed workouts!!

A number of elements can contribute to a lack of action, however, sometimes keeping on track simply comes down to whether or not you have a friend to keep you accountable. Small check-ins every now and then can really transform your habit creation and sense of accomplishment in sticking to something you want to do. I figured it's possible that you may also feel the same way on occasion, wanting to incorporate new healthy habits or lifestyle changes, but with no one to help keep you accountable.

With this being said, I have decided to make a blog series called: Weekly Wins. Weekly Wins will be focused on celebrating progress, while also creating a space where we can acknowledge what we may be slacking on. I have found it's the combination of self-reflection and recognition of accomplishments that moves us forward in the most effective way; allowing ourselves to notice areas we can improve on while also celebrating our growth!

There will always be ups and downs; but every challenge can be educational, every loss can lead to a win, and every experience brings a new opportunity for growth.

This post, and the futures ones, are to keep me accountable, and hopefully, act as a friendly form of accountability for you too. A reminder for us both to consistently check-in, evaluate, and keep moving forward. We can build any habits we set our minds to and accomplish our goals together!

To kick things off, here are the primary habits I am intent on forming in the coming weeks:

Enjoy going to the gym

I have always preferred hobby-based fitness activities, such as dancing, tennis and soccer. However, this year, I would like to form a good relationship with the gym. This week, I joined a gym here in Bergen and went three times for an hour on average, focusing predominantly on cardio (40-45 minutes on a cross-trainer and bike, followed by weights and stretching). My goal is to consistently visit the gym 3 times per week.

Get more sleep

Another area I have been too inconsistent with is getting enough sleep. For the past few years, I have slept between 3-5 hours on average, often going to bed around 4am and waking up around 7am. I have noticed negative effects on both my mind and body, and so in the past few months, I have focused on improving this area. This year, I intend to average 6-8 hours to increase my energy levels and in turn, make myself more effective.

Be consistent with my morning routine

One thing I find to be highly beneficial for me is a consistent morning routine. I have a morning routine practice that I really enjoy which has a very positive impact on my energy and influences my entire day. However, there have been occasions where I have not committed to it as consistently as I would have liked, for reasons such as going to sleep too late (reference my last point) to having too little time before my work day begins (often I start working around 7.30-8am, depending on my schedule and call times with international clients/partners). This year, I will ensure that I always have enough time on the weekdays to have a 30 minute (minimum) to 60 minute morning routine practice.

I did my morning routine everyday this week, except for Wednesday, and I really noticed the impact of not doing it. I felt more overwhelmed by my busy schedule and less focused than on days when I have done it, so next week, my intention is to do it every weekday. Would you like me to share my morning routine? Let me know if you would find it helpful.

Goal setting tip!

Studies say it is super important not to make your goals too overwhelming. So, if you normally wake up at 9am and you want to start waking up at 5am, don't expect to be able to do it overnight - pun intended! Try waking up 30 minutes earlier each day, so you can ensure the habit sticks!! There's no point in making yourself exhausted to the point that you cannot function; trust me on this one, I have a lot of experience in that area, lol.

Let me know below something, or a few things, you want to incorporate into your life! I'll be back next week with more goals I have, and a recap on whether or not I manage to stick to the above.

Let's get going!


HK x

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