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Alongside sharing my 'weekly wins', I wanted to go share more insight into one of my 'life wins', my passion, my company: iGen Creative. I get a lot of questions about it, so I thought I'd go deeper into what we do at iGen Creative, as well as some of the opportunities it's afforded me.

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2010 after stumbling across and launching my first blog from my bedroom. What was first a creative hobby during the darkest period of my life (my teenage years were devoured by ill-health, including ME), soon became a huge outlet for me and I found myself invited to work with brands such as and Daniel Wellington, as well as attending high-profile events such as London Fashion Week. I had so many 'pinch me' moments that simultaneously really put me outside of my comfort zone in my teens, but that was actually the catalyst behind my brand agency, iGen Creative. I would say the biggest moment during my fashion blogging days was winning Best Fashion Blog at the National Blog Awards of Ireland in 2017. It was so unexpected and is something I look back on with so much gratitude and pride! Gaining hands-on brand experience that way educated me on the power of digital branding, and spurred an interest in the possibility of the online world. That’s when my love affair with all things brand really began!

National Blog Awards of Ireland 2017

From starting my own blog to designing websites for other entrepreneurs and companies, iGen Creative was later born: a culmination of my experience, my team's experience, and the belief that we can each make a positive impact on the world by using our voices/businesses as vehicles for GOOD!

At iGen Creative, we strive to create, curate, and catapult brands that contribute to building a better world.

Building brands' gives me so much energy! There is no better feeling than seeing light bulbs go off for clients when we truly discover the meaning that lies at the heart of their brands and convey that through their visuals and messaging. We're passionate about partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organisations to build a timeless, memorable brand identity and exceptional experience through services including:

  • Brand Consulting & Coaching

  • Visual Identity Design (logos, print collateral, etc.)

  • Web & E-Commerce Development.

Click here to view our capabilities deck on LinkedIn (you need to be logged into your LinkedIn account to access it).

Delivering a keynote on the topic of brand at the Introbiz Expo

I've been lucky to travel the world with my work for a range of reasons, from speaking at global conferences and hosting brand workshops to attending leadership gatherings in amazing locations, such as a Scottish Castle and Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island.

I'm sharing this in the hopes that it can inspire you to go after your dreams. A lot of people told me I would never be successful or accomplish my goals, but I chose to trust myself and pursue my passions, while seeking out advisors who had more experience than I did to guide me along the way.

With Sir Richard Branson during my first trip to Necker in 2018

iGen Creative will always be my baby, and as you can probably tell, I am a total brand geek! I could talk about all things branding and marketing for hours, even days. I am so glad to have shared more about this huge element of my life and I hope that it can inspire you to pursue your passion too. There is a truly limitless opportunity in this day and age - If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

If you want to check out my company site, click here. If not, I will check back in next week with some more 'Weekly Wins'. What is a 'Life Win' you are proud of or working towards?

Follow the route in life that gives you joy. Don't live how others want you to, live for you! I believe that is the path to true happiness.



Hannah Kathleen

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