Don't be afraid of change... Embrace it.

Happy Wednesday my loves!

How is your March going so far? I hope you have a spring in your step - pun intended ;)

The weather in Bergen has been absolutely beautiful, we truly are getting a taste of summer. I have relished being able to sit on the balcony and where possible, work in the sun. It's quite funny that, alongside the weather, coincidentally I am going through a period of change within myself, my personal life, and my work life.

My mum has always told me not to be afraid of change. That if you are ever unhappy or don't feel that you are on the right path for yourself then make some decisions to change your situation. Recently, having made some important realisations, I have begun to make some serious alterations to my life.

In my experience, anytime in my life that I have felt trapped in a situation or stuck in a rut, I have always benefited from taking some sort of action and creating an extra path for myself.

I am not unhappy and I am extremely grateful for my life and how I get to spend each day. However, I think with all these lockdown periods I have had an opportunity to really look inward and feel what I truly desire with my life deep down. Keep an eye out to see what changes may come to fruition publicly soon ;)

Creativity fuels my soul. It always has from the beginning, so I will be revisiting some previous creative outlets. In my business as well, there are some positive changes taking place behind the scenes...

So, I guess I just wanted to share this post for any of you that feel stuck. You don't need to make any major decisions or long-term irreversible changes. But, small switches within your lifestyle may really benefit your mindset, clearing your head to make bigger, long-term changes for the better.

You design your life.

You literally hold the paintbrush for the canvas that is your life, you have the paints at hand. Choose what you paint wisely and you will discover your happiest state of living.

Have a beautiful week lovelies, and remember I am just a DM away over on the gram xx

Until next time,

HK xo

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