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Bitten by the real estate bug

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

On a hot summer day in August 2020, I was bitten by the real estate bug. I was critical at first, but with background and guidance from legal specialists to better understand the market, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it!

The lesson I’ve learned through this process is quite simple: when opportunity knocks, answer!

My journey with real estate investing started very unexpectedly. I had always envisioned getting on the property ladder at some point in the future, but it was not my priority in my early twenties. However, when the opportunity originally came across my desk back in 2020, the feeling I had in my gut was too string to ignore. Although it was sooner than I had planned, I intuitively felt this was the right investment for me, but it was still an overwhelming process because it all happened so spontaneously!

Fast forward about 18 months to March of this year, the value had increased significantly and it was a strategic time to sell the one bedroom I bought back then. As I reflect now, I’m so happy I took that original leap of faith, because investing in my first property here in Northern Cyprus at that time opened the doors to a whole new world.

I had no idea I would become so passionate about real estate. Not only from an investment perspective, but the process as a whole. What I'm enjoying most is participating the journey from conception to completion, and witnessing the joy and returns that other investors are also experiencing.

After receiving a very positive return for my original investment, I carefully contemplated my next steps. I didn't want to box myself into only investing in Northern Cyprus, and so considered alternative investment options. However, within a few weeks, another ideal investment opportunity came up here and it became quite clear that it was the right move for me. Almost as if it was “meant to be”.

So this time around, I’m buying a 2 bed 2 bath ground floor apartment on one of the best-quality developments in Northern Cyprus. I couldn’t be more excited to participate in the market's continuous development, and for the next phase of my investing journey.

Standing next to the foundations of my future apartment, on the first day I saw the development in person.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of this process with you here on my blog, but I'll be posting more insights and videos on my Instagram, @hannahkathleenofficial, if you want to keep up to date!

Hugs from the sunshine!

Hannah Kathleen xo


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