05/06: Weekly Wins

Hey loves,

I didn't check in last weekend, so this week's post will share an update on how I've managed with my accountability in the past 2 weeks.

Moments in the sun this week were sooo precious. Makes me so excited for summer!


In the past 2 weeks, I went to the gym 5 times. I'm pleased to report that I managed to up my weights and I definitely feel like my stamina is improving. I've also found myself looking forward to going too, which is a first for me. It seems this habit is really starting to stick, which is super exciting!

Morning Routine

I don't feel like I've ever been so consistent with my morning routine! In the past two weeks, I haven't missed a day. I've also spent more time meditating which I've been really enjoying and benefitting from. I've found myself cherishing those moments. My best friend also bought me an adorable Gratitude Journal, which is tiny and easy to bring anywhere. I've been loving using this as an alternative to a larger notebook and its prompts keep the gratitude focused and easy.


I've been sleeping better for sure, so with this one, it's mostly about remaining committed and on track. Putting my phone away for the last hour of the evening and taking the first hour of the day without the internet has been really helpful, and I think it's contributed to improving my sleep.

Aside from that, the sun came out a few times this week which was a real treat. I worked outside where possible, and took some moments to meditate and enjoy my coffee in the sun. It's making me so excited for summer - I can't wait for more sunshine! I also spent more time writing music and had some really productive calls with my team about the next steps for iGen Creative. Here's to a great new week ahead.


Hannah Kathleen

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