04: Weekly Wins

Hey loves,

It's a sunny Saturday here in Bergen. I'm just about to go out for a walk to get some fresh air with friends, but wanted to take a couple of minutes to keep myself accountable and share how this week panned out.

I'm really into casual dresses and hair clips at the moment. Easy to wear and super cute!


The gyms reopened this week (yay!), and I managed to go twice. I want to average 3x per week, but I'm happy I got two gym workouts in. Today, I am going for a walk with friends so although it won't be as intense a workout, I will still be moving my body!

I have been doing a minimum of 2km worth of cardio (usually a rowing and cross-trainer combination), followed by weight-lifting. I'm not as strong as I would like to be, so I started out relatively easy. However, I increased my weight amount this week and it feels so good to be making some noticeable progress!

Morning Routine

My morning routine has been relatively consistent, though I am actually considering switching it up a little. Around this time last year, I was trying to train myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I have always been a night-owl, finding my creativity flowing in the evenings, but I actually managed to transform into a morning person, and found I had a renewed love for mornings. However, even though I now absolutely love having some time for myself early in the morning before the world wakes up, I have found myself to feel particularly productive at night recently. This reminded me of an article by Tim Ferriss that I read some time ago, in which he shared his outlook on optimising your life and productivity. It stood out to me because, in it, he suggested that it's better to follow a schedule that feels best for your body, meaning if you feel like you're a night-owl, you should roll with it (and vice versa).

My intention for next week is to listen to my body more and find what feels good for me at the moment.


I feel like I am taking positive steps forward regarding my sleep regimen. On Thursday night, I was totally wired and could not sleep until about 4.30am, but aside from that, I have been managing to slow down my mind more effectively and actually find myself prioritising getting enough rest.

Here's to a lovely week ahead. Let's make it count <3


Hannah Kathleen

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