03: Weekly Wins

Hey loves,

Writing this entry from a quaint restaurant in the middle of Norway. I'm en route back to Bergen after a day trip to Voss for some impromptu skiing. After my recent visit to Geilo, I found myself totally ski-obsessed... So much so that I invested in a pair of skis of my own last week, and this weekend's weather provided the ideal opportunity to acquaint myself with them and have some fun on the slopes!

Voss is about 90 minutes away from Bergen, so the perfect location for an escape from the city and a seriously gorgeous backdrop for this Sunday afternoon. It was my first time visiting and I thoroughly enjoyed getting some fresh mountain air, however, I did find the slope conditions slightly more challenging this time. I'm on a mission to ski as much as possible before the season ends though, so I hope to return soon to test them out again. It's been raining heavily here the past few days so the snow was quite wet, but I had a blast nonetheless. Plus, the tougher slopes offered an opportunity to improve my technique!

Happy girl in the snow

As per usual, I'm checking in this Sunday with my weekly accountability, plus a couple of wins.


The gyms in Bergen closed this week as part of a stricter lockdown, so I wasn't able to activate my new routine. However, I kept active by walking more than usual and skiing today.

Morning Routine

I have been much more in flow with my priming routine, which feels so good! I found the journaling element of it to be particularly helpful this week and my goal is to maintain this consistency through next week.


For as long as I have been an entrepreneur, getting enough sleep has been one of my biggest struggles. I usually start work quite early in the morning and often finish late (often due to time differences), and this week was no different. As a result, I don't feel as rested as I would like, but I did manage to catch up on some sleep last weekend that started this week off on a more energised note. I really want to try to average 7 hours moving forward.

I'm pretty excited to share a couple of wins to finish. My brand agency, iGen Creative, has a partnership with a leading online service provider that will come to fruition this week, which is amazing! I can't wait to see how that pans out. I've also been building awareness of the real estate investment projects in North Cyprus with my good friends and partners, Eylem Sakir & Susanne Rey. We hosted a detailed webinar on the property market there the week before last, which went really well, and so many of the attendees have already embarked on the discovery of projects there relevant to their goals. My apartment there is ready now too, so I am eager to finalise the interiors and visit it soon! 😍

Here's to a lovely week ahead. Let's make it count <3


Hannah Kathleen

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