02: Weekly Wins

Happy Sunday loves! How has your week been? Are you feeling accomplished or a little behind on things? However you're feeling, I'd love for you to share it with me! Let's support each other on Instagram DMs.

I had a more eventful week this week, as I took a last-minute ski trip to a beautiful resort called Vestlia, which is about 3 hours away from Bergen by train. I shared some updates from that in my last post, which you can check out here.

Morning Routine

This week, I decided to approach things a little differently. Usually on trips, whether work or pleasure, I strive to stick to my morning routine like crazy. However, this time, I felt it was more important for me to simply follow the flow and do what I felt. Even though I do my morning routine because I LOVE it (I really feel like it elevates my energy towards my day), I listened to my body and had some slower mornings. I didn't rush out of bed at a crazy hour and I didn't do my full morning routine. Instead, I enjoyed getting up a little later between 8-9 am, did some stretching to get my circulation moving (as I always do), and headed to breakfast feeling present and relaxed.

Although this is contrary to what I imagined I would be writing this week, I actually feel as though this is a win for me because I've always struggled to relax and 'switch-off'. I have so many things going through my brain every day and I am a complete workaholic, so for me to allow myself this more relaxed approach and to actually enjoy it without feeling stressed, was really big for me!


I was skiing daily so getting a good workout in that way, so I didn't put too much pressure on regarding going to the gym. However, I ended up going to the gym twice which felt amazing and helped to improve my circulation after skiing.

Work-life Integration

Even though I was 'on holiday', I was still working. I had lots of conference calls, which meant I didn't ski as much as I would have liked, but it was really nice to be able to balance work and play. In fact, I think 'work-life integration' is a better way of explaining it. I had some fascinating conversations with my friend and Wellbeing Expert, Camilla Hillbrands, in Scotland at a Forming Impact mastermind in 2019 that made me realise the magic lies in integrating both. She has some really interesting perspective on this and her words still ring true to me!

I used to really struggle to enjoy things with so much work on my plate, and often I would choose to work than to be present and enjoy certain experiences. But this week was different! I got lots of work done and also thoroughly enjoyed my time on the slopes. A few months ago I would never have allowed myself a last-minute getaway. I would not allow myself to enjoy the exciting & fun opportunities that presented themselves to me, I would choose to work. I am proud of myself for having a strong work ethic but you can't let work override other elements of your life such as relationships with friends or family, taking time for yourself, and pursuing hobbies or self-improvement activities.

That's been one of my biggest lessons in the past few years: enjoy the journey!! It's not all about the destination. Make sure to LIVE while you're on your way to your goals ;-)

All in all, I really enjoyed this week and hope to be back skiing soon!



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