Business Ventures

Alongside music and travel, business is a huge passion of mine. Below you'll find my primary business ventures & positions. I am super excited to see what will come next, and hope to use this website to share a behind the scenes look at each project. 

  • iGen Creative

    iGen Creative is my company. We are a brand agency committed to creating, curating and catapulting brands that contribute to building a better world. We do this through brand consulting & coaching, visual identity, web design & e-commerce development.

  • iGen Investments

    Our mission at iGen Investments is to act as a bridge: Introducing freedom seeking investors with the real estate opportunities in North Cyprus, the heart of the Mediterranean. Discover the possibilities that await!

  • Stimulus Summit

    A virtual global conference with one goal: to equip entrepreneurs with the resources and toolbox they need to thrive in the new economy. Past speakers include UGG Founder, Brian Smith, and Rich Dad Poor Dad Co-Author, Sharon Lechter.

  • Health Optimizing

    Utilising a vast combination of high-tech methodologies, Health Optimizing aims to find and solve health challenges from the roots in a non-invasive (thus non-pharmaceutical) way. I am proud to be building the future of health as the Brand & Communications Manager, plus Non-Executive Board Member, within this global organisation.

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